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NEWEST, highest power holmium laser surgical system

The Device at a Glance

 Litho 60, Litho 100 and Litho 150 Holmium (2.1 μm) laser devices meet the increasing demand for efficacy and flexibility, with a unique multi-application laser platform able to perform both Lithotripsy and HoLEP.

Litho high power devices are available in three versions that can reach up to 152 W power and represent outstanding innovation by offering the exclusive Vapor Tunnel, Virtual Basket and MasterPULSE technologies. These devices also offer impressive settings regarding power, energy and frequency.

Virtual Basket &
Vapor Tunnel

Specific laser pulse modulation generates longer bubbles able to extend further, creating a connection channel with stone target, granting limited stone movement and fine lithotripsy. No need for dedicated and more expensive fibers, bringing the mentioned advantages without extra expenses.

Wide Settings Range

 Family laser devices offer impressive settings for enhanced surgical experience, offering at the same time high power (up to 152W), high repetition rate (100Hz), pulse energy (5J) and high versatility in pulse width adjustment. 

The different settings combinations enable wide treatment flexibility and great versatility in surgical techniques.

BPH management

HoLEP (Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate) is a proven technique for the treatment of BPH, with high effectiveness, safety and durability. 

Litho high power holmium devices offer wide choice regarding settings selection, with enhanced surgical experience granted by the double footswitch, the high emission power, the intuitive and large modulation of pulse width and the dedicated modes for the different steps of the treatment. As alternative, the user can choose an ablation technique (HoLAP), taking advantage of a side emission fiber. 

The multiple combinations of settings and tools allow strong versatility of use, so that the surgeon can easily reach the desired results.


Reducing retropulsion and modifying tissue cutting gets easier: instead of trying multiple different settings, start with your preferred ones and then adjust the MasterPULSE to tune the effect of laser emission based on your visual feedback. 

Experience fast and more intuitive adjustment of laser settings thanks to the 7 pulse width levels (compared to the traditional 3 steps of the other holmium lasers). 

All-around Lithotripsy

Litho 60, Litho 100 and Litho 150 represent truly complete solutions for stone treatment offering any tool needed. The user can choose among multiple techniques, including high frequency dusting, fragmentation and popcorning. Finally, the MasterPULSE and the advanced pulse modulation technologies represent further tools the user can avail himself of during lithotripsy.

Guided Modality

Quanta System knows how often inexperienced surgeons are in need of advice regarding settings and therefore understands the importance of having user-friendly devices. 

For this reason, we introduced a guided modality to automatically select proper emission parameters based on the intended treatments. With this choice, we want to offer you the best laser solutions regardless of your experience with Holmium laser.

High Power with Small Fibers

Litho Family devices are designed for high performances already with small standard fibers (allowing more than 30W even with the smallest fiber diameters).

Thanks to this feature, the user shall not refrain from having fiber flexibility and high emission power at the same time.

Ball Tip and Side Fibers

The use of ball tip fibers strongly simplifies the phase of fiber insertion in already bent scopes, preventing the damage to the ureteroscope working channel and aiding the sliding of fiber tip inside of it.

Conversely, the use of side fibers allows lateral laser emission, which can come in handy for prostatic tissue ablation. Both fibers are available as disposable only.


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